Monday, January 16, 2012

So I'm Back Again... Again. HA!

Oy!!  I'm such a bad blogger!!  Good thing I didn't get that GMA job, huh?  So, what have I been up to?  Let's see...

On the down side, the entire family has been down about the loss of our first grandchild, "Peanut".  He/She was lost at the 12th week of pregnancy, and was due in November of 2011, so we had to struggle through several anticipated milestones that never happened.

ADVICE FOR ALL:  A miscarriage of a wanted child can be as traumatic to the family as the loss of a known (aka, living) child.  Never underestimate the love people can develop for a child expected.  We all loved our little Peanut and have mourned the fact that we'll never get to hold or know him/her.

Since then my son has broken up with the girlfriend, met a wonderful new girlfriend, moved back to the states, and started back to college.  My younger son has started driving (God help us all!), and my younger daughter is as sharp as ever.  My eldest daughter is the one with the exciting news.  She is going to be a mother in July!!  She's into her second trimester, so we're feeling pretty secure.  AND her ultrasound indicates a strong possibility of a baby girl!   I could go into all of the technical stuff that shows why we think it's a girl, but just trust me on this.  =D

So what have I been up to myself?  LOSING WEIGHT!   Big hoorahs for me!  Last spring the entire family decided it was time to get healthy.  We decided to only use poundage as a marker for our improvements, but to focus more on eating healthier and exercising more.  My initial doctor's exam showed me doing "OK", but not excellent.  My bone density test was right on the cusp of being strong, so I want to improve that along with everything else.

In the process of this, I have lost 40 lbs!  Yes, yes, cheers and bows, but I have to confess, I gained 12 lbs of it back over the holidays.  CHOCOLATE IS BAD.  But I'm going to get back on track now.  I'm hoping to be rocking it like a 20-something by next Christmas.

So, What Got Me Thinking?

I was reading my girl, Michelle's, blog.  You can click on her name here, or follow her badge (Rage Your Way Thin) down and to the right of the screen.  Anywho, she inspired me.  (Thanks Michelle!)  I went simple; cut out the things I knew were killing me (fried foods, sweet tea, sugar), and started the things I knew were healthy (fish, chicken, rice, steamed veggies, whole grains).  Before I knew it, I felt like walking, lifting weights, and doing more.

So I haven't been negligent on purpose, I've just been busy with other things.  Don't even get me started on what we've been doing remodeling the house!!  (unless you really want to hear the sordid details! lol)

But after talking to several friends about weight loss, I've decided to start a group to encourage other women to support each other.  Who doesn't want to be healthier, right?  As soon as I have it up, I'll edit this and give you the link!  OR I'll just start a new thread introducing it, who knows, right?

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm Baaack!!

Have you missed me?  I got back online to find several messages in my email and Facebook account asking where I was. 

As some of you know, I've been wrestling with cataracts for about a year now, then they started getting bad enough that I couldn't see enough to use my laptop.  You can imagine how bad that was for me, it was like telling me I couldn't eat!  So I broke down and had my surgeries.

The first one was three weeks ago on my right eye.  I had it done in Evansville at the Tally Eye Care Center.  They were W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!!   Patient, funny, calming, and I only had a little discomfort through the procedure.

I had the left eye done this week at Fairfield Memorial Hospital by the same surgeon.  The pre-op staff were great.  The nurse that did my eye drops (FYI:  there are TONS of eye drops for a cataract surgery), but something was different.  The eye drop used to numb your eye must have been different than the one they used in Evansville because half way through the surgery I could feel it.

They had told me that if I felt pain tell them and they would give me more.  I told them and the response was, "No it's alright, it's just a little discomfort."   EXCUSE ME?  I think I know whether or not I'm having pain or discomfort.  The surgery in Evansville had discomfort, the surgery in Fairfield had PAIN.

Another huge difference.  I'm a twitcher.  I have trouble getting comfortable and laying still.  I told the staff this in Evansville and requested that they restrain my head.  They obliged by taping my head down.  It wasn't going to stop me if I was determined enough, but it was enough to gently remind me.

In Fairfield I told them the same thing and they said they would restrain it for me.  When we got to the OR I was simply told, "Don't worry, you'll be fine."  Apparently after the pain set in I did start moving, because I suddenly felt somebody leaning on my forehead.

But enough of the complaints, I had some really fun side effects that apparently are occasionally part of the healing process.  With my right eye I saw red for days, literally.  It was funny, because everything blue was purple, and everything had a red or pink tint to it.  It past after a few days, and I didn't have the same thing with the left eye.

Now I can see!  I currently have 20/30 vision, and my doctor says it will continue to improve every day.  I have to use reading glasses, but that's alright.  The idea that I can drive without glasses is amazing for me.  Now I can get some of those adorable sunglasses that I couldn't get before because I had to have my glasses to see at all.  =D

Congratulations Liz Pryor!!

I'd like to send out my fondest congratulations to Liz Pryor for being the Advice Guru selected by Good Morning America!  I haven't had the opportunity to talk to her myself yet, but I have heard from another former contender that she is a wonderfully friendly person.  I've seen her on GMA and she seems so well suited for the job, I think they made a great choice.  Go get'em, Liz!  =D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do u have AIM?? Also did u know about this site lol it actually works they mailed an iphone to me for free yesterday I'm getting it this week

No, I don't have AIM. I have my hands full with so many other sites that I communicate with others through, I don't think I could handle another! I'm fairly happy with my current cell phone, so I don''t need a new iPhone, thanks.

Ask me anything

What's your favorite quality about yourself?

HHhmmm.... tough one. I would have to say my integrity. If I make a promise I do my best to keep it. I've been feeling guilty lately because I haven't been able to follow through with a few promises because I'm having vision issues, but I intend to complete them as soon as I have my surgery to correct my sight problems. I have interviews to finish!

Ask me anything

Friday, February 11, 2011


UPDATE: My vision has deteriorated to the point I can barely read my computer any more, and I can't proof read my blogs. So, I'm going to be on here less and less until after I get my cataract surgery done. Then I'll be back with a passion! I go see the doctor to schedule the surgery next week. =D

Friday, January 21, 2011

"Fireflies" in ASL

I know I've been out, I'm still getting my strength back up, but I found this video and just had to share it.  A YouTube user that goes by ChrisCalifornia does these great videos that are creative, eduational, and entertaining!  I hope you love it as much as I do.  For me, sign language is beautiful as dance.  =D

Here is Chris' version of "Fireflies" by Owl City with his interpretation and translation in to American Sign Language.